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Our Financial Planning Fees

We work on a fee-only basis and tell you what to expect upfront. Fee-only means we are paid by you, the client, because we think that’s the best way to ensure that you get completely objective advice. We receive no commissions, trailing fees, incentive fees or any other type of compensation for any product or service that we recommend. When the management of your account requires the purchase or sale of securities for which a transaction fee is charged, you will pay that directly to the brokerage firm handling the transaction and not to us. Many of the products we recommend do not have a transaction fee.

There is no charge for the initial consultation, during which we can discuss what services you need and what we can offer. No surprises. No hidden fees. We have two compensation arrangements:

  1. Hourly cost to provide financial planning and investment advice with total estimate in advance.
  2. Flat cost for some projects, based on the complexity. Project costs are quoted in advance.

Hourly Basis Options

Financial Plan


A plan often includes all or some of these tasks depending on your needs:

  •  Goal Setting or Prioritization
  •  Portfolio Analysis including finding hidden fees you may be paying
  •  Investment Planning
  •  Retirement Planning/Income Planning
  •  Education Planning
  •  Estate Planning, Tax Planning
  •  Cash Flow and Spending Plan/Record-keeping
  •  Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning

*Depending on the complexity of your finances and how much you want to do

Partial Plan Addressing Certain Life Events & Situations


Investment Portfolio Evaluation 

INITIAL: $1,200

Includes an evaluation of portfolio(s), positions and strategy and recommendations for change

2nd Opinions

BASED ON Complexity: $800-$1200

On approach or a product (investment, annuity, insurance, etc)

Flat Fee Options

Financial Physical


Real-time Planning and Recommendations to Get Your Financial Life on Track

Best for individuals and couples in their 20's-30's

Annual Advisory Program


Payable $1,700 by Dec. 31 for the coming year or $900 at January and $900 presentation.

  •  Annual Review of your goals, financial profile, financial plan and investments. Recalculation, if necessary
  •  Personal conference call to gather and share additional information and changes in goals, if any
  •  Personal consultation, and a separate 3-6 month later telephone conference call with further ideas, suggestions and recommendations concerning all aspects of personal finance including re-balancing of investments, if warranted
  •  Complimentary “Any-Friday” email question/answer service
  •  Email or written alerts when legislation, IRS or other events occur that may affect your financial plan
  •  25% discount on additional hourly services

Continuous Service Program


This service may start at any quarter of the year.

  •  All Annual Advice & Review Program benefits
  •  Full time, business hours access by email or phone for questions (up to one billable hour per quarter including research time)
  •  "Front of the line" appointment scheduling
  • Money manager/Broker three-way conference call (if requested)
  •  Intervention assistance with bank, insurance company, credit card company, or securities custodians to help with problem resolution (one, up to one-hour intervention per year)
  •  Twice yearly or Quarterly reviews as needed with notes on investment performance (duplicate statements required), asset allocation, and profile updating including a personal meeting or conference call
  •  Complimentary one-hour training session via phone on software, website, topic or issue to facilitate your use/knowledge (within our expertise only)
  •  Additional annual billable hours at 50% of rate
  •  Up to one-hour annual complimentary telephone advice for an immediate family member to include parents and children (excludes grandchildren who can use the discount billing rate up to 5 hours)

Business Planning & Coaching
Project by Project Basis


Small Business Retirement Plan
Recommendation and/or Set-up