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The Confidence of a Clear Path™

Hourly, Fee-Only Financial Planning Services
Serving St. Petersburg, Tampa & Surrounding Communities

Virtually Nationwide

Personalized Financial Guidance and Planning

We specialize in customized financial planning with a high level of personal service.

Do you want to make sure you are on the right track to a secure financial future?  Invest wisely? Ensure retirement income you can’t outlive?  Semi-retire?  Manage risk and taxes? 

Maybe you just want peace of mind when comes your financial life.   The current economic and market challenges may have you feeling anxious about the future or questioning your current approaches or advisor relationships.

The Freedom Financial & Business Planning Difference

We are proud to be one of only 1% of advisors providing fee-only, hourly, as needed advice.

What makes us unique....

  •  Affordable, personalized financial planning.
  • Independent, unbiased advice in your best interest - no sales pitch, no commissions, no hidden fees.
  •  As much or as little advice and education as you need.
  •  Service with the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility from knowledgeable CFP®, and Registered Investment Advisor.

Our Financial Services Include:


We put your best interests first and have taken a fiduciary oath that we will always do so.


We do not receive compensation from any other source. We make recommendations free of ties to product sales or the amount of money you have to invest.

No minimum net worth, income, or investable assets

We serve both individuals who have already built wealth and those who are just getting started.

One-time, as-needed, or ongoing basis

You decide the relationship you need and want.


Your feedback and ideas help shape recommendations and action items.  We work with you to craft a plan that you can actually understand and use.

Registered Investment Advisor 


Learn more about how we can help you.

Individuals & Couples 

We are fee-only certified financial planners who specialize in financial planning for individuals, married couples, gay couples and domestic partners.


Making Work Optional 

Are you currently contemplating  pulling out from the work force either as a full retirement or just scaling back to a semi-retirement phase?


Challenging Life Events 

As planners, we give you the confidence of a clear path to financial security and advice to navigate the opportunities and bumps life throws your way.


Business Owner Needs 

You may work with many professionals, but has anyone put all the pieces together to help ensure your personal financial and business success?