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Business Owners

Complete Business and Personal Financial Advice

You may work with a CPA®, an attorney and/or an investment broker/advisor, but has anyone put all the pieces together to help ensure your personal financial and business success? If you aren’t getting proactive support, we can help.

Private CFO ServicesTM

If you own a business, you probably don’t have enough time to pay attention to your short or longer term personal financial plans.  You may look at your tax return and wonder if there is a way you can keep more and get a better return on your efforts. 

If a 60 hour plus week is routine for you, Private CFO ServicesTM can help you get your financial matters organized and take the pressure off of trying to run a business and keep all aspects of your personal financial life humming along smoothly.  We can help you with:

  •  Comprehensive personal financial planning
  •  Day-to-day personal support managing accounts
  •  Cash flow management (business and personal)
  •  Investment strategies -personal and through the business
  •  Minimizing business and personal taxes
  •  Estate planning
  •  Insurance and risk management reviews

Business Planning Services

We also help businesses in the following areas:

  •  Business succession/exit planning for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs and corporations
  •  Select and implement Business retirement plans and provide support for business owners and employees (401(k), SEP-IRA, SIMPLE, etc.)

If you are not exactly sure of what you’re looking for, select an option below and we’ll see how we can help.

Your best interests drive our advice. Unlike other financial advisors who sell products for commissions, we provide our clients with objective advice and guidance so they can be confident that the advice they are getting is in their best interest.  As a Fiduciary we are looking out for your best interests.  Many “financial advisors” do not have the obligation to do this.   We are certified financial planners who believe that you should expect the advice you’re receiving to be objective.  Is your financial advisor a fiduciary?

Freedom Financial & Business Planning, LLC does not accept commissions or third-party compensation for its recommendations, so all advice provided is rendered conflict-free.